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Vibrant Colors of Marrakech

THE NORTH AFRICAN NATION of Morocco remains devoted to tradition amid a sea of international conferences and an evolving entrepreneurial spirit. From the scurry of souks in Marrakech to the camel-lined deserts of the North Sahara, Morocco is not a typical travel target for those seeking innovation and modernity. Instead, many visitors to Morocco long to escape the frenzy of the present day to discover timeless traditions. 

Morocco’s third largest city, Marrakech, is also one of the country’s most visited thanks in part to its slow and subtle adoption to the Western world.the bewitching locale is peppered with amenities and the comforts of progress, where you can enjoy the juxtaposition of the thriving city with ancient world. At the same time, Marrakech rests at the forefront of global issues such as climate change, technology and transportation, attracting industry leaders from all over the world.

City Charms.

Nicknamed the Red City, Marrakeck earned his unofficial designation due to its brick-hued buildings constructed using tabia, a red mud found in the region. The undisputed main attraction of Marrakech is the ancient Médina, a labyrinth of paths and alleyways where merchants make and peddle their handcrafted goods, from area rugs to silver to traditional décor. Theoretically, a shopper could outfit an entire home with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site.

In the artsy entertainment district of Jemaa el-Fna, no money or effort is required to capture some of the finest shows on earth. From snake charmers during the day to dancing troupes and magicians as the sun sets, the square is alive and animated at almost any hour of the day.


You should not miss out an authentic hamman experience. dating back to ancient times, this bath rituals involves a mud scrub that removes any and all dry skin followed by an oil massage with pure argan oil and aromatherapy. 


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