Why should we be STOKED ABOUT Natural Skincare Routine?

Nowadays it’s well renown that using organic skincare products is not only beneficial for our health but for our planet too. It’s great to see that more and more brands committing to this trend, switching to natural ingredients and promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

We are proud to say we are part of this revolution too and couldn’t be happier to see many of you are already having a more conscious approach, while choosing the perfect cosmetic product. Our ingredients and materials at STOKED ABOUT are clean and green as we connect strongly with the nature. We prefer skincare that’s not full of toxins. That’s why we are keeping all the nasty stuff out. 

Despite all the information out there though, many of us are still don’t have a full understanding of what we put on our body or why we should opt for a more natural skincare routine. 

We would love to change for the better, so here are a few reasons to explain why we should all use organic products on a daily basis on our skin, integrate cultural practices and  promote ecological balance.

Our skin absorbs everything we put on it.

Yes, that’s true. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and we should treat it the best we can. What many ignore is that it is naturally absorbent. Which means that everything we put on it, we actually put IN it – some say it can soak up to 60% of the products we
use! Crazy, right?

We are risking our health (for real!).

Many studies proved that synthetic ingredients, such as petrochemical
origin ingredients, parabens 
and silicones, are harmful and can cause health issues, including skin allergies, hormones disruption and can even increase the risk of cancer. Now, imagine that a lot of conventional skincare goods currently on the market often contain such ingredients. Why would we want to put them on our skin? We believe life is more rawsome without toxins.

There is no Planet B

Using natural and organic products will help not only preserve our health,
but also our planet. M
anmade chemicals have a severe impact on our environment. They have been found in waters and the oceans where both marine life and food chain are being threatened.

Choosing organic beauty treatments means reducing the risk of polluting our beautiful environment, as the manufacturing process of these products does not involve the use of harmful fertilizers and chemicals which have profound effect on the soil and water. Stoked About has an awesome eco friendly packaging and material which does protect our products.

Are you convinced to switch to natural and organic skincare routine?

Please, let us know if you have any questions in the comments. We’d be very happy to help!

Let Nature Be Nature
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